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 Fox Hound Team Rules

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PostSubject: Fox Hound Team Rules   Fri Mar 02, 2012 12:02 pm

Well so far we have not had any rules put in line, because as a team I have never felt we needed them. Its the basics of Airsoft that make up the fundamentals of team rules.

Everyone generally knows the rules of Airsoft itself so let me outline more of what would be a set of team morals.

How you behave on the field is not just a reflection of yourself, and as you wear the team symbol on your arm you act as a reflection of the whole team image.

  1. Conduct yourself in an appropriate manner, theirs no need to swear or threaten people or act indecently. Dont get angry, get even! Light them up some more if they dont take that hit.
  2. Call your hits, we all know this and are good for it. There is no point taking part if you dont play the game properly.
  3. Stay in good communication with your team mates, going solo generally wont be beneficial but if you do stay in contact.
  4. If you get the jump on some one from a arms reach away try to put one round in the chest rather then a spray, its the decent thing to do, again your attitude reflects on the team. If you wish go for a 'BANG' kill but I suggest one round to confirm the kill.
  5. Dead Men Dont Talk - Ok this is a rule of airsoft but I still see team members asking dead players questions and dead men talking, just because other players do it dosnt mean we should. Again its a reflection of our honesty as a team.
  6. Respect your fellow players and have fun! Airsoft, unlike Paintball... we know is a game of sportsmanship and honesty, keep it that way.

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PostSubject: Re: Fox Hound Team Rules   Mon Mar 05, 2012 7:23 am

also restrain from any sexual contact for as long as possible during game time Wink
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Fox Hound Team Rules
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