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 Why I can see myself owning a number of RIF's

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PostSubject: Why I can see myself owning a number of RIF's   Tue Apr 17, 2012 12:37 pm

Well at this point I've only been softing about 10 near 11 months now (almost a year!) but thats not allot atall when you hear how long some people have been playing. But within this short time I have acquired a few RIF's, not what I consider many compared to some collections about, but from comments from team members I've got a few more then most of us guys at this moment, ie 'Shauns got another new toy'

Well for purpose intended all airsoft guns do pretty much the same thing bar cosmetic differences, weights and slight variance in range's and rate of fire (until Dave touches them) but its the option of variation for different scenarios and style of play that it allows I like. I had considered selling items to fund new items before but decided not too, so I now own a Mp5 with internal upgrades ROF beast, a nice ranging NAM period M16, a loud very fun accurate AK47 that fits most load outs like military contractor, VC, Russian, Infidel etc, a Pulse Rifle for pure awesomness as ive always wanted one. The KP06 a nice modern loadout pistol, but very heavy but very accurate, powerful and great range but full metal not good in cold, and now a 1911 for the Nam look and also part plastic so great all year round.

So far with my kits I can mix it up, play different loadouts and kits, so I have variation for the themed games. I can go full load out and play the tactical game, run the the mp5 with midcaps, or like I massively enjoyed Sunday go light weight and dual wield the pistols running about, or stick on a straw hat, pull our the AK and go pinky tong crazy.

So thats the reasons I've not sold anything so far as I love the scope of variation it allows, if I can use Merv as an example, got his AK47, used it, sold it, got the TM MP5 High Cycle, now regrets selling the AK as wishes he had that consistent power and range to turn too now and again, he then wanted to sell the MP5 to fund a new RIF but picked up recently a cheap sniper rifle, so the collection begins. I think you miss what you once had and being able to mix it up from time to time, especially once you've moved away from say factory AEG's and have started too tailor certain RIF's for certain set ups as well.

But thats the tip of the iceburg, now Kates actually had a taste and enjoying it, so we are picking her up a tiny little SG552 or something like that (the M16 was huge on me for a start) and the mp5 is heavier though smaller now. But there's things that always catch my eye, id love a revolver for a western loadout and a winchester leaver action, maybe a couple of MAC10's down the line for a hitman esq get up, you get the picture...

Then theres gear that comes with it.. Im now looking at a belt set up for the summer months, Kates talked about a chest rig or something as the 58patt isnt overly practical for her, I need some USCM armor to go with the Pulse Rifle... It goes on...

In short it combines two loves, guns and get ups! There goes my disposable income for the foreseen future!

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PostSubject: Yep im thinking the same thing   Tue Apr 17, 2012 7:48 pm

I think to be honest mate you've hit the nail right on the head bud.

It is harder to get the next new gun but its worth it, if something goes tits up on your only gun you can't play or even worst being forced to use a gun you dont like using.

I dont think ill every consider selling my M4. I know its good, its reliable and i would be hard pushed to beat it especially now shes been upgraded. My m16 i wont sell because its been really useful in getting others out to join us (also i will always have a spare gun). I love my dragunov more every time i use it and i am getting a pistol if i have to sell one of my kidneys to do so.

I think the only reason why you get the "another one of shauns new toys" comments because we are jealous. Its not a bad thing bud, your lucky enough to be able to pay for these guns (or have a partner who lets you get these guns lol). Without meaning to, your kind of pushing us into the mindset of looking at new guns. Everytime i heard your ak fire i want one, everytime i see your pulse rifle i want one and everytime you pull out that katana i want one. I friggin love and hate living with you, becuase as long as i am living with you i will never have spare money lol.

Also i think its awesome that Kate is now joining us and i love the fact that she really has gotten a taste for it. I cant wait to see the ideas you come out with for her lol.
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Why I can see myself owning a number of RIF's
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